For Anico, the word sustainability is not just a word but a way of being and of conceiving our work in relation to all stakeholders.

We are sensitive to the fact that our behaviour, that of our customers, and that of end consumers is constantly evolving, and sensitivity to issues such as:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Social aspects

are already having a significant impact on the daily lives of us all.



AnicoSocial aspects

Anico believes in development, in sustainable development aimed at meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is precisely for this reason that we have always believed in paper as an essential raw material for packaging foodstuffs.

Our ambition is, with our behaviour, our research, our skills, to pursue a common ideal, namely that of ensuring that packaging is not simply considered as a useless, costly and harmful “waste” but as an integral part of the product, a part that generates value because it is environmentally sustainable.

Phenomena such as environmental degradation, climate change, over-consumption, population growth and unlimited economic growth in a disposable system (of wasting resources), make us consider and love our work even more and prompt us to achieve important goals to ensure that flexible paper packaging, packaging products for industrial processes, square-bottomed paper bags, flexible packaging in laminated paper, etc. are generated with virgin fiber materials and come from forests and companies
with FSC® chain of custody certification (Anico license code: FSC-C119810).

In fact, Being sustainable means allowing you to buy FSC® certified paper in reels. FSC® certification guarantees a responsible management of the supply chain, the respect for local communities, habitats of plant and animal species and workers’ rights.

Green is not a fashion, we believe in it and we generate the energy we consume with our brand new photovoltaic system.

Anico is also in possession of the BRCGS certification; the standard
applied to companies producing packaging intended for contact with
Foods. BRCGS certification, let us guarantee a system of management and organization focused on quality and safety, hygiene of your flexible paper packaging and compliance with the
International Code of General Practices and Principles of Hygiene
Food (HACCP) “. This confirms our attention to sustainability, social and environmental issues.

We have devised this line of principles:

The packaging we produce can also be laminated with single and multilayer plastic films, for food and non-food use, but we prefer 100% paper packaging.

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