Your uniqueness is a quality to be promoted.

Your situation is complex and cannot be compared to any other, which is why Anico is the right solution for you. Protecting your product, guaranteeing its preservation over time so that it arrives in the best possible condition in the homes of your customers is our goal.

We have been working with paper for over thirty-two years. We were born with it and hence the concepts of Sustainable Packaging are at the centre of our endeavours. Thanks to our laboratory, we apply the principles of continuous improvement with surprising impacts on the results obtained and with increasingly innovative solutions.

Only in this way has Anico been able to sustain the growth of its customers and grow with them; only in this way have we become leaders in the windowed-paper-based flexible packaging sector; only in this way can we constantly innovate the market with solutions adapted to you and your product.

your unique, green and sustainable packaging.

The latest breakthrough?

We have obtained a perfectly sealed 100% paper (and therefore eco-friendly) bag.

Try us out and bring us your product, and we will create your 100% sustainable packaging for you. You’ll appear to your customers as you never thought you could.

What are you doing to make your customers happy?

Did you know that 48% of consumers say they avoid buying from retailers who do not actively work to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic packaging?

We abide by the following set of principles:

  • We only process paper and/or recyclable materials
  • We reduce waste by paying the utmost attention to the quality of raw materials used and colours
  • We support the responsible management of forests all around the world, giving priority to the production of FSC® certified paper products (License Code FSC-C119810).
  • We minimise packaging by helping your company to create the most appropriate packaging for your product, whatever it may be
  • We are committed to using only energy from renewable sources

Anico, a reliable partner

Working with Anico is easy and you will have no impositions or rigidities.

Anico is the reliable partner you have always been looking for and which has solved your main problems:

  • Eco-sustainability of your packaging
  • Machinability
  • Quality (reduced waste, no machine downtimes, consistency in the quality of print colours)
Anico, partner affidabile

5 simple steps…

We will accompany you into the world of eco-friendly packaging by seamlessly integrating your current processes in a worry-free way with these 5 simple steps:

  • Sign order
  • Send the executive file
  • Pre-print file approval
  • Production
  • Shipping

Have you seen how easy it is to dress your products in eco-friendly paper packaging?

Are you afraid it costs a lot?

Our customers have discovered how going green is good for the world but also good for their profits!

Ask us how you can do it too!

Anico knows what it is doing and thanks to us your packaging line will produce eco-friendly packaging with:

less rejects, less waste and more profit.

The latest breakthrough from the Anico lab?

We have achieved a perfectly sealed (and therefore eco-friendly) 100% paper bag.

Bring us your product and we will create your 100% eco-friendly packaging for you. You will appear to your customers in a way you never thought possible.


Did you know?

58% of European consumers believe that it would be fair to discourage the use of non-recyclable packaging by applying a specific tax.
Do you want your customers to think this about you?

If you don’t, contact us now and we’ll find a solution.

Over 30 years of experience focused on the growth of our customers

Give your products a new, eco-friendly look now. Your customers and your bottom line will benefit from it!