Anico: the specialists of flexographic printing on paper, 100% Organic

Today, packaging is no longer a simple container. Packaging now dresses your products and helps to enhance them, thereby boosting sales.

It is precisely in order to maximise the value of your products that Anico has always focused on the production of flexible paper packaging. Paper is precious, but it needs care and skill. Anico has always believed in this and, hence, it has become leader in windowed-paper-based flexible packaging.

Three focus points for your packaging

  • 70% of consumers are actively engaged in reducing the use of plastic packaging
  • Imagine your products in a 100% eco-friendly bag
  • Your new FSC® certified paper pack (license code FSC-C119810) with the same shelf-life as the one you are currently using.

How do you think your consumer will react?

Would you like to give your products irresistible appeal with a 100% paper package?

Recyclability and sustainability

Recyclability and sustainability are at the heart of our company, which pays the utmost attention to every stage of its production processes, using top-quality materials with excellent printing, including the use of water-based inks and an inventory of flexographic machines with up to 10 colours.

Anico is flexographic by nature, with precision, speed and punctuality as its strong points, making it the right partner for your industrial process packaging needs.

Discover how easy it is to obtain your new paper-based packaging

Satisfy your customers

Are you really sure your products have the right packaging? Are you sure your customers like the way you present them on the shelf? Would you like to renew the way you appear to your consumers?

We at Anico have the solution you need! Printing on paper is an art and we have been doing it for over 32 years with excellent results, achieving a print quality practically equivalent to that on film.

Discover now how Anico can be your trump card.

Why Anico is your trump card

Sustainability is the principle around which our structure is built. For Anico, sustainability is a social responsibility, which is why we use energy from our own photovoltaic system.

Technology Anico has always stood out for the quality of its products and this is because it has always invested in technology at the highest level.

Reliability with Anico, you are in the hands of experts. We know how important our work is to your processes, hence our entire organisation will strive to skilfully do the job.

Your company deserves the best, and we have become leaders in the windowed-paper-based flexible packaging sector only to help our customers better.

The latest breakthrough?

We have obtained a perfectly sealed (and therefore eco-friendly) 100% paper bag).

Try us out and bring us your product; we’ll create your 100% green packaging for you.

What are you waiting for?

Come and discover our solutions. We’ll accompany you with expertise into the world of paper-based packaging.