The Packaging

We know that your product deserves the right packaging because your customers expect a lot from you.

Packaging is how your customers see you in the marketplace. Packaging becomes an integral part of your product and is the last step in communicating with you before your customers enters into a relationship with you by consuming or using your product.

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Eco Pack Sostenibile Anico

If you are a food company, Anico has created 100% recyclable flexible paper packaging for you. Our innovative proposal allows you to keep the organoleptic properties of your products unaltered, guarantees their preservation and makes it possible for them to be consumed anywhere.

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Our product packaging solutions for industrial processes are:

  • eco-friendly
  • machinable, with performance very close to film packaging.
  • free of additional taxes (no plastic tax)
  • reliable, have you already tried paper and been disappointed?

Try us, Anico will change your life.

What are Anico’s solutions for your packaging?

Eco Pack Sostenibile Anico