When we say pack
we mean paper and laminated paper.

We have been working in the paper industry since 1989. Initially we specialized in the production of square-bottom paper bags. Over the years we have applied our experience to producing flexible packaging in paper and laminated paper, in order to cater to customers requiring packaging products with industrial processes.
Today, we are able to provide a broad range of solutions:
from preformed bags to reels for automatic packaging.

Anico - Pack

More value to your product.

Everyone knows that a nice pack increases perceived product value.

In the case of foods, this value increases even more if paper is used; the very nature of this material brings to mind wholesome flavours and artisanal methods, giving your product that “warmth” so familiar in our tradition.

Anico - More value to your product

Constantly new challenges.

Even though most of our production satisfies the food industry, we cater to a range of different commodity sectors, providing solutions for other product categories such as, for example, herbalists, flower growers, coal, stucco and plaster.

We are strongly committed to our job so as to always achieve the best possible results and meet the challenges ahead.
Only this way can we be your favourite paper.

Anico - New challenges

Anonymous paper bags.

A wide range of square-bottom paper bags in different formats not printed or with general press for coffee.

Anico - Anonymous paper bags

Download products sheet with a list of all variants and technical data