When we talk about printing
we mean excellent printing.

We started out in business as paper printers. Over the years, we acquired extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the various types of paper and their printing qualities.

Thanks to investments in latest-generation machinery and training courses for our personnel, we have achieved excellent quality standards.

Quality printing is the final touch for best presenting your pack and promoting the image of your product.

Anico Print and Service

Our technologies.

Flexographic printing with gearless-technology latest-generation machines that print in up to 8 high-quality and definition colours.

Square-bottomed bag making unit with heating sealing of bottom.
4 bag-making units able to produce a broad range of bag shapes.

Lamination and cutting.
We have 3 lamination units and 3 cutters which enable us to best manage small and large orders.

Anico print technology

Hello, who’s speaking?

For each department, a friendly voice with which to speak directly for all your requests and requirements. The benefit of less dispersive communication and the possibility of establishing a real feeling between us in order to together evaluate and solve the typical problems of every business activity.

Anico - Customer care

Number one in managing emergencies.

Never without stocks.
It can happen that a customer remains without stocks and needs to place an urgent order. Thanks to a well-stocked warehouse, control of production dynamics and department organization, we are able to modify programming and cater to this type of emergency.

Anico Print and Service