Agile and slimlined,
a family-run firm.

Ours is a company organized according to very simple, but also very effective criteria. Everything is managed in a professional way in a family atmosphere. Unlike more complex organizations, we are able to optimize any situation, both in terms of deadlines and flexibility. As owners, we are also directly responsible for the various company departments. This means greater agility in terms of strategic choices and slimlined operating procedures, with big benefits for our customers.

Anico Company

ANICO, your favourite paper.

Upgrading, to grow.

We began business making square-bottomed paper bags and over the years went on to extend our range of products.
We are convinced that the success of our company is tied to achieving primary objectives such as customer satisfaction, both in terms of products and services and the constant upgrading of our company processes.

Anico Upgrading, to grow

The choice of transparency.

In 2001 We made the first food reels with “window”, in paper coupled with polypropylene for automatic packaging machines.

This proved to be a winning decision and a decisive turning point for our company.
To date, most of our production is dedicated to packaging food products.

Anico Company

More nature friendly.

A company closely focused on environment preservation issues and the responsible management of energies can contribute both to improving the conditions of the environment, and to individual well-being.
We promote responsible management consistent with ethical and environmental values using 100% renewable energy from hydroelectric plants and, when required, certified raw materials.

Anico is nature friendly